Adding a backward loop stitch with magic loop

I am terribly confused as to how to add a stitch on the thumb gusset using the backward loop method. The directions say "Transfer thumb stitches to waste yarn (got that),cast on one extra stitch in the gap (backward loop method) on the SECOND needle. But when I try to add the stitch using the backwards loop - and magic loop - is the second needle the front one or the back one?? And how on earth do you add the stitch without leaving a long strand between the two needles?

I am a very slow learner - and beginner – and would greatly appreciate any assistance. I have searched the web for a video on this and have been unsuccessful. THANK YOU so much for any help you may provide. Kruddy

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You yarn strand is coming off the needle in back so add the backward loop to that needle, then pull out the back needle, push in the front needle and start knitting on the next stitches. You may have to pull the yarn slightly so that you don’t leave a gap or ladder but it should be no more than usual with magic loop.

Upper hand/fingers on mitts pattern reads: “cast on 4 stitches using backward loop method. The beginning of round will be in the middle of these new stitches. I placed 2 on back and 2 on front needle to make it easy.” When I try to put 2 on front needle, yarn is coming from front needle (needs to be on back needle for magic loop). What am I missing?

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Cast on the 4sts onto the back needle and work one round up to the last 2sts. You’ll be in the middle of the 4 newly cast on sts. That’ll be the new beginning of round. You can shift those 2 sts over to the other needle if you want to make the beginning of round the split between the two needles.