Addicted to this yarn and pattern

I just can’t help myself!!! I’ve been knitting ribbed scarves using Patons Divine and I can’t step away from that yarn!! The scarves are just so beautiful and WARM!! I’ve made one for my Grandma, Sister, ME! And I’m working on one for my mom right now. I also made a ribbed scarf using Homespun.

You’d think I’d be sick of ribbing by now…but I’m not. I just wish I could knit a bit faster…but I guess it’s good I’m a little slow because working with Divine can be a little tricky. But it hides mistakes very well too. :wink:

The one I made for myself is in a “Soft Earth” color…and I want to make a black one for me too (will hide Lucy’s hair well).

The only thing I don’t like is tweezing out all of Lucy’s hair from everything I knit (unless it’s for me…and then I don’t care). I’m working on de-hairing the white one today. Oy!

Is anyone else addicted to a specific pattern or yarn right now?


Do you have any pictures of your scarves? I have a friend who is just learning to knit and she’s attempting a ribbed scarf with Divine Soft Earth and adding in the shiny Brilliant Gold glow). I’m so glad to hear that it knits up yummy and hides mistakes - i’ll have to let her know! I’d love to see what it looks like knitted… What size kneedles are you using?

I’m knitting with Knitpicks Eleganceat the moment - it’s lovely and has a great sheen to it! I love it!


Oh that Gold Glow is beautiful!!! I never thought of using another yarn with this.

Here’s my soft earth scarf… I used size 10 1/2 needles for this one. But the others I’ve made I’m using a bamboo size 10 and my stitches are a bit tighter that way. Although, I can’t decide which one I like better.

Wow!! That scarf looks fantastic!! And it’s a GREAT picture of you!

We bought her size 10 bamboo needles so i think she’ll be good to go. I’m so excited now!

Thanks for that! I’m sending her this link!


Thank you very much :heart:

I used 2 skeins too. Perfect length scarf I think :smiley:

:happydance: :happydance: lovel scarf!

That’s what I like about elegance, too!! I wanna use it for SOMETHING, Im just not sure what yet.

Hmmm… what about a chemo cap to donate seeing as this is Breast Cancer Awareness month…?? It’s definitely soft enough…


I just bought some rose colored Patons Divine for a sleeveless mock turtleneck sweater for a friend. thanks for posting pics of what it looks like knitted up. I think my friend’s sweater is going to come out nicely with this stuff. :heart:

Jive that scarf is gorgeous - so fluffy and scrunchy - and you are too cute :heart: :cheering: !!!

VERY nice, Jive!!

And, if you ever DO get tired of plain old ribbing, you may wanna try out the scrunchable scarf pattern…its like ribbing, but not so much!

Thanks guys :smiley: :heart:

KK, thanks for that link…I love it! :cheering:

How many stitches did you cast on for the scarf?


22 stitches. :thumbsup: You can find the pattern on the Patons website too. They also have a matching hat. :wink:

That what I was going to say!


So is the scarf :wink:

I can’t wait until I get better and can make beautiful stuff like that.

Kelly, can the scrunchable scarf be done with Patton’s Divine…I have several skeins of it and am looking for something beautiful to do, and I love that scarf!! Would be great gifts for my co-workers!


Oh! Sorry, Lis! I suppose its worth swatching out to see if you like it. Id be curious to see how Mr. Scrunchy would look with the “halo” that Divine has, too!

In the Holiday 2005 Vogue Knitting magazine Patons has a pull-out ad and pattern section on about pages 15-20 (there aren’t page numbers on it). There is a beautiful cardigan made with Divine Soft Earth. I’m going to make it as my first real project (other than Scarves, dishcloths, etc.). I can’t wait for my yarn to come in the mail!

I tried to find it on the Patons website so I could post a link, but it’s not there. Also don’t have a scanner.

Mailman, come quickly!

I used that same yarn (and color) to make my first hat. It’s fuzzy enough to hide the holes. :rollseyes: I always meant to go back and make a scarf out of it, but I never did. I love that stuff.