Addi weaving knit needles

hi, I would love to try these needles but I need some information and patterns. So far I haven’t been able to gather any information. Have you tried them? Can you help? Thank you

There doesn’t seem to be much available online about these needles.

Actually, any of the interchangeables with a hole near the join (sometimes used to insert lifelines) seems to work in the same way and possibly be less cumbersome?

Thank you very much. It would be nice to see what people do with them and how the combine the fibres , which stitches work best… but as you said: there is not much online. Thanks again for your help.

When I saw the video that salmonmac posted I immediately thought that those needles makes it easier to put in a lifeline. Like knitting a single row with those needles while adding the lifeline and then changing back to normal needles again. If you weave every row, ripping out will be a nightmare so one would not want to make any mistakes when knitting with these needles.

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