Addi Turbo needles size 8-16" circs

I got my first pair of these, and I have to say I hate them with a passion. My hands are so sore typing is difficult. And, I only knit with them for 50 sts x 75 rows! They are TOO slick! I regret buying them, and will probably never use them again, unless someone knows a way to make them not so slippery.:wall: :nails: :tap: :grrr: :gah: :hair:

Metal needles just require practice. If you can’t or won’t do that I’m sure you can find a good home for them.

I’ve not used the larger sizes in Addi Turbo but the size 0 is horrid! The cable kinked the first time I used it and now it insists on coiling. I’ve about decided to finish the socks with DPNs even though they’re harder to take with me. I don’t think they’re any slicker than nickel plated needles but the tips on mine are way too blunt and slow me down. :shrug: Turbo?

I don’t like the tips, too blunt. I have also heard the issue of bent cables, but haven’t experienced it on the few I have used.

“Addi Turbo needles are truly great, fast circular needles! The metal in these makes projects slide easier and faster!!” what jimmybeanswool says about them, they are super super slick, as we say down here, slicker than snot, I have dozens of metal (aluminum anodizes) and none of them are as slick as these!

I’m thinking you’re used to bamboo needles, yeah? You might get used to them, it’s hard to say. Lots of people love them it seems. I’m not a fan. I have aluminum needles, I don’t think my sz. 0 are any slicker than the aluminum DPNs of the same size.


someone knows a way to make them not so slippery.

Dip 'em in molasses? ducking for cover

lol, and I use my straights more than anything, and they are aluminum, I was told by my cuz that her addi regulars are not as slick as the turbos, and she is going to trade me, yay!

Glad you found a solution to your problem.

I will say this: different yarns perform differently on different needles. With some yarns, I’ve started out with bamboo, switched to wood, and then finally gone with my Boye metal needles as the best ones to work with that yarn.

Certainly it’s a matter of preference, but sometimes the slicker needles are necessary–and, of course, sometimes they just cause problems!

I have many many many more aluminum needles than bamboo (all are hand me downs from my aunt, who never used them) and the other picture is of the addi turbos, the silver circs, and crochet hooks, etc.

I got rid of all my straights except one pair. :teehee:

can’t get rid of mine, since they are heirlooms from my aunt, she is the same one who is sick, good news, her hair is growing back, so I can grow mine out now, too, and her radiation is over, chemo is half over, and so far so good! I will be so happy to hear that she will be fine, going to need a greyhound bus to weigh me down that day, because cloud 9 just ain’t high enough!

I really like Addi’s… Though I will admit I like my Addi lace needles better than the Turbo’s. They have a much sharper point than the Turbo’s. I have a new set of the Addi Lace Shorts Interchangeables that I really like.
They are really super slick and do take some getting used to, but you don’t have to push the stitches along the needles as they just glide…

One of the reasons I like my Addis is because of the slickness! :shrug: I guess that 's why they make so many different kinds of needles, and it’s a good thing they do.

Paulaque, glad you aunt’s treatment is going along and going well so far. Good for her and for you for being so close to her.
I have to admit, I’m a big Addi Turbo fan myself even though I’m a loose knitter. I went a few rounds with metal dpns however and they go the best of me. They kept shooting out of my knitting like the ice spear out of the gutter in Christmas Vacation.
i switched to bamboo dpns.


My gripe with Addi’s 16" circulars is: the stalk (needle tip) is a teensy bit too long, and it’s hard to bend it around tip-to-tip for flat knitting or circular knitting. So combine that with the slick surface…you’re killing your hands.

I much prefer the Knit Picks Harmony 16" set circs. The stalk is a bit shorter, the cable is a bit more flexible…no fuss, no muss.

That said, whenever I can…I avoid the use of 16" circs for small diameter knitting in-the-round. I prefer the use of 2-24" circs for knitting in the round.

Others prefer magic loop (not me) or dpn’s (not me).

It’s completely a matter of preference. No right or wrong.