Addi turbo circs

do these take some getting use to? i just got my first pair, size 11, 16in. i’m working on a scarf and it feels very un-natural right now. is this common? :oo::shrug:

unnatural how? what are you used to working with?

They are much slicker than most needles because of their finish.

Maybe you’re not used to a larger size like 11s? If you’ve always knit on sizes smaller than 10s, 11s can feel huge.

I love my Addis, but I only have smaller sizes. I don’t like large needle sizes in any brand. Maybe that is what is awkward for you.

I love my addi turbos, but sometimes knitting with large needles feels like knitting with trees or something. Is that the issue?

thanks for all of the thoughts! i’m used to larger size needles, no problem. i’ve been using knitpicks, so i’m use to the slick finish. what is weird is that the needles seem so short… i’m not sure where to put my hands, etc. i’m used to using long needles… ack! :doh:

Oh yes, I think they are a little shorter. :think: Takes getting used to I guess.

aah yes… that will take some getting used to. Unfortunately they can’t be very long points or you won’t be able to work the needles. I think most needle lengths are about 4 inches long but the 16inch circs usually are a little shorter. You will get used to it I am sure but it does feel a bit fumbly at first.

Yes, I think the reason that Knitpicks Options can’t have the 16" cable is because the needle tips are too long. :shrug:

love my addi turbo circs…they are ‘slick’ until you get used to them…but, I think maybe 16" is too short to work with…once you begin to love your addi’s you will ‘never go back!’

Addi’s are wonderful to work with, however, the larger size needles are short.

:psst: [COLOR=Gray]They DO have 16 circs…have for awhile now… :teehee:

In the classic circs but not in the interchangeables, which is what I assumed she meant.

I just got my first pair of addi’s and I’M IN LOVE!! They are just wonderful!!