Addi Express Knitting Machines:

I’ve been thinking about getting one for a few months now and can’t seem to decide. Anyone @ KH have one and like to tell me what they think of theirs? I’d love to know what variety of yarn gauge/stitches it can accomplish, and if their are any common problems associated with it. My initial reaction was to the price… a little expensive for this knitters taste. But if anyone thinks they can tell me if it is worth the price, either way I’d love to know.

Also, if anyone here has one for sale I’d love to hear from them too!


I’ve seen knitting machines and I know a person who owns one, but I’ve never had any desire to use one. It comes down to the reason why I always loved knitting more than sewing (which I am really bad at). I love knowing that every stitch of the fabric of the piece of work I am doing is made by my hands.

When you think about it, when you are making something for someone you think about them while you are making it. It’s a lot like the Scandanavian tradition of weaving one of the knitter’s hairs into the fabric. It’s an important sentimental significance and using a knitting machine would seem to negate all of that.

That’s just me, though. YMMV. :wink:

I was only thinking of getting one to try and make sock knitting go faster, and more consistently. I wouldn’t be planning of quitting knitting by hand. Those machines are quite limited in what they can do.

I was given a Brother Knitting machine. It is old, as the computer portion of it uses floppy discs…but you only need that if you are going to actually use the pattern drive. The machine it self works without being plugged in otherwise.

I have to say, it does knit faster, but it is kinda daunting. I haven’t had the courage to actually do up a sweater on it yet…only a few test swatches…

If you do get one, I’d be interested in hearing how you like it. What it does, etc. Although I love knitting, I have more design ideas than I could possibly make by hand.

I also have been throwing around the idea of getting a knitting machine. I have looked around and you are right, the price scares me too! My mom bought me that Sweater Machine thing, which is not a machine at all. If you havent seen one you can look at it here
It was the WORST present she ever gave me and we ended up returning it. I just don"t have enough time to knit everything I want! I would use the knitting machine for items for MYSELF since I have NEVER ONCE made anything for me! I wish I could find a job that would pay me to sit and knit all day long! LOL I would be interested to know if you do decide to buy one and which model you buy.
Happy Knitting, :knitting:

OMG, I had forgotten the Embellish-Knit contraption. Worst purchase EVAR.

Lovemyknitting, If you ever find that job, and if they need more than one, please let me know…I’d be willing to relocate for a job like that! :slight_smile: