Addi dpn's? Anyone?

I want Addi dpn’s. I know that they exist, but I can’t FIND them. I need some size 1 needles that won’t snap in my hand! I bought some Susan Bates’ earlier today, but they are so heavy.

Anyone managed to find some Addi dpn’s?

The only Addi double points I’m aware of are the Addi Natura’s They are made of bamboo but have what I believe is a resin coating. Their size 1 is a 2.5mm (some 1’s are 2.25, so if you want smaller then you would want a 0) and I find them more “sturdy” than many other needles of similar size. They are a bit “slick” due to the resin coating but still have more grab than a metal needle.

The inox needles are metal, but coated in a teflon coating that sticks more than the addi naturas, in my opinion. has both of these needles and ships even small orders for free. A plus when ordering something small like needles. I have not had any problems ordering from them, but they have been a bit slow to ship on occassion.

Mama Bear