Addi circular

I am searching for anyone selling the Addi circular needle.

Addi 32" Circular Knitting Needles 80cm 8mm / US #11

I am going to knit an afghan.

thank you if anyone wants to sell their needle.


Most of the larger on-line shops sell Addis.
One very good one is Yarn Forward in Toronto.
Their Web site is at

There is also a gentleman in the UK who sells Addi needles at large discounts. Go to and enter “Addi needles” in the Search box.
The seller’s name is Jeff Wonderland and he usually has a good selection of sizes.

Thank you so much for the quick reply, and the awesome site.

I had no idea about it, and I live only 10 hours away.

I am doing a Lionbrand afghan…Skill Level: Easy
Size: Varies
Craft: Knit
Corrections: None
Pattern #: 20268 Materials:
· 10 skeins 630-402 Wool-Ease Chunky: Wheat
· 1 Lion Brand Cable Needles (Set of 2)

This elegant afghan has a rich look and feel thanks to the textured cable and seed stitch. Both are easy stitches-- even for a novice. Use 10 balls of Wool-Ease Chunky in the color of your choice for an afghan that measures 45" x 61" or 13 balls for an afghan that measures 52" x 67"/ Shown in Wheat. Pattern requires size 11 (8 mm) 36" or longer circular needles

Thank you again, off to order my needle…ursula