Addi and picks

I would like to buy a pair of addi turbo needles, and a pair of knit picks needles from you, at a reduced price.

Just one pair, of each brand.

I seriously doubt you’ll find anyone willing to give up their KP or Addi needles. Addis are always expensive unless you can find them on eBay, but KP are cheap to begin with so you could just buy a set there. I started with 2 cords and US 7&8 needle tips before I bought the set.

is there a particular size you are looking for in either needle? i have some extras in my needle collection now that i am using the sets.

Oh, THANK YOU! This is great! :slight_smile:

No particular size. I’m wanting to do a test drive of both.
That would be great if you would sell me a pair from each set.
Send me a private message, and we can talk more.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! God bless you!