Add a hood to an adult woman's cardigan

I have a boxy cardigan - I would like to add a hood to make it a hoodie

Can you give us more info… what pattern is it? Do you need help with picking up stitches or something else?

I’m OK on picking up stitches but I don’t know how many stitches there should be for the hood. The pattern is:Tonalita Boxed Cardigan (#3300) by Trendsetter using Tonalita yarn. I want to add a hood to this pattern. I really appreciate any help and suggestions.


Wow, that took me forever to find! It was buried in their website. :teehee: For anyone who can help it’s on the lower left.

I know there is some formula for the number to pick up, but I’m not sure what it is since I haven’t done it. I will alert a few people that might be able to help.

What I would do in this situation is to look for a hooded sweater and adapt the hood part to my sweater. If it’s a different gauge, you can figure out the percentage of stitches that are picked up and apply that to your gauge.

Check out

Thanks for getting on that so quickly. I’m new to this or any knitting forum and what a wonderful community to join.
There is a hooded vest in this month’s issue of Interweave and it seemed to be the right number of stitches (or maybe 10 under). I think this may be one situation where I have to start and see how it lies with the est of the sweater and be willing to take it out if it’s too few or too many stitches.
Thanks again.

I’ve done what Ingrid sugg with good results. Being hoods are quite unstructured, once you pick up the sts it’s just a matter of the minimal shaping…if any. Sometimes you’ll find ones that are knit as a sep piece and then attached but I prefer the ones that worked out of the neckline.


I just re-read your response and the part about the gauge and the number of stitches was very helpful.

I of course do not have enough yarn to do the hood so I’m going to order it right now so I can get going.

Interesting - the pattern gauge (from Trendsetter) for #9 needle and the yarn is different than what’s marked on the yarn itself for #9 needles and the yarn. Why in the world are patterns a bit vexing sometimes?

I think it’s because gauge is so variable. The label gauge is a general number, while the pattern gauge is the exact number that you need in order for your sweater to come out the same size as is in the pattern. And then, just to drive you crazy, each person has their own personal style that makes them knit looser or tighter.:eyes:

In general, the gauge on the label is to let you know what weight range the yarn is in - spot, DK, worsted, etc. It doesn’t mean you should only use that needle; many times patterns using a yarn will have a different size needle. You use the needle that gets you the same gauge as the pattern, regardless if it’s larger or smaller than the one in the pattern or on the yarn label.

I looked at and combined sveeral (5) hood patterns for sweaters and am currently underway knitting the hood onto my cardigan - making it a “hoodie”. I’ll ost a picture when it’s done. Thanks again for the help.

An update to my trying to modify the boxy cardigan pattern to add a hood. I’ve added and ripped out two hoods so far. Neither looked right in their shaping or number of stitches but think I found the solution. I decided to add a button hold band instead of adding a zipper and I finally found a pattern at Chic Knits that has a hood that I can adapt (decreasing the number of stitches) to accomodate the smaller size of the sweater I’m making.
Hopefully I’ll have a picture to post soon!

Thanks again, Jane100