ACRYLLIC Options From Knit Picks

Just got an email about acryllic options from KP. I haven’t heard of these. Are they brand new or has anyone tried them? How do you like them?

I just saw them in my new Interweave Knits that came today. I think they’re brand new.

I just got a knit picks e-mail advertising them. Interesting. I don’t usually use plastic needles but for those who like them they might be good.

I started learning on a set of Susan Bates Acrylics… it sucked…lol I hope these are better!

I started on the acrylics straights I picked up at Joanne’s and they are very grabby needles but I imagine these are probably smoother than those. It does say on the page that they’re meant for people who travel, which means they probably made them because they thought like Denise’s, they’re not metal and would be airline safe. And they do seem to cost less than the nickel and Harmony sets.

There’s a whole thread about them on Ravelry -
However, they’ve just become available so I doubt anyone who doesn’t work for KPs has tried them yet.

They’re a lot less expensive than the others too.

They are less expensive; at that price, I’m strongly tempted to order a set, except that if I finally cave in and buy a set of interchangeables, I really don’t want acrylic needles.

You know…I wonder what aluminum needles would be like? Aluminum’s not that expensive because it’s so abundant and it would probably be very lightweight, too.

I’ve knit with some US17 aluminums… they were pretty much like the nickel plated as far as grip goes, but much more lightweight, even at the larger size my arms weren’t tired like I thought they would be… (of course I frogged the blanket halfway through it, so… lol)

bmay, what brand were those aluminum needles you used?

The product descriptionsays “perfect for beginner … and stress free travel”.

I learned to knit on resin/plastic/acrylic needles (not sure exactly what they were but is was something like that) and they were a little flexible. I think they were good for learning, but it wasn’t long before I began trying out other materials, looking for something different.

I might toss a set of tips into my next order, though, because I’m curious and I don’t think there is such a thing as “too many needles”. :teehee: However, if they are anything like my starter needles, I don’t think they will replace my other Options.

Something else that’s new - a stand for needle tips - pretty cool idea:

I believe they are Boye…

I’ve knit with hollow alluminum needles (15? I think) and I didn’t really like it. Okay, it’s light, and fast, but I just don’t like that slick a texture.

Soooo…anyone seriously thinking of buying these and/or will buy them and post a review to let us know how the acrylic tips are? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :wink:

I am extremely curious about them myself at that price but I simply cannot afford to buy anything right now, not needles, not even yarn.

I just placed an order with Knit Picks. I ordered one set of tips in size 9. I’ll probably try them out on a scarf. Generally, I don’t like plastic needles. I started on plastic and they were great in the beginning but I quickly found out I like metal better. Can’t know for sure I don’t like them if I never try them so I figured I would. They do look purty. Orders usually take about 14 days to get to me so now I’ll have to wait, patiently … NOT! :teehee:

Let us know how they are, Craw. I thought about ordering one set of tips, too, but I don’t really need any new needles right now so I can wait a while to see what the reviews have to say.

Obviously, you’re going to get good reviews from Kelley Petkun and the folks at KnitPicks, but you can learn more about them on Kelley’s podcast. Scroll down to episode 105.

Someone at the knitter’s review website forums has also ordered a set of tips and will hopefully be posting a review soon.

I wonder if this is a brand new set, if they’ve at least worked out some of the kinks by now of the cables coming apart, the problems that we’d been discussing on the other thread Mason started.

There is probably still issues with the cables as they all use the same ones. I have just one set of the 24" cables here. I’ve only had them for about 5 or 6 mos. and I’ve only knitted flat with them by making a couple of dish cloths and scarves. Nothing in the round with those where I would have been pulling on them.

There’s a thread on Ravelry that has comments on people who’ve just received them. Very positive so far.