Acrylic yarn...odd smell. I almost never use it now>>>

since I started knitting and falling in love with the good stuff.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that my 100% acrylics are getting a strange smell. I was told that acrylics are made from petroleum derivatives…

Any suggestions to freshen the scent-please no Febreze-hate the stuff!

Thanks y’all,

maybe ziplock it with some dryer sheets in there?

I have 30 yr old (and then some) acrylic/polyester yarn and it doesn’t smell. Odd…

Maybe I have a better sniffer than you! Seriously, it’s very light and once you handle it, you don’t notice it. A lady at my local LYS agrees with me about the scent.

I’m thinking baking soda in the drawers it is kept in. Will probably donate a lot of it to charity since I’m drowning in yarn.

I also use the dryer sheet in a plastic bag. My favorites are the lavender/vanilla scented ones. I got hold of some yarn with cigarette odors, so I aired it out for a few days and then stuck it in a ziplock bag with two of these sheets. It may take some time, depending on how strong the smell is to begin with, but it definitely works! And smells nice! cloud9

If you have plain charcoal briquets…NOT the kind with lighter fluid!..put the yarn and charcoal together just don’t get the charcoal on the fibers. I have charcoal in my sweater drawers and closet to neutralize odors. I break the briquets up into pieces small enough to fit into an empty plastic spice bottles (like you get at the dollar store) with the ‘sprinkle’ tops on so the air can get in but the charcoal can’t get out. The charcoal has no smell and doesn’t impart any into the fabric. You can also buy charcoal in bags for odor (at home improvement stores, etc).

I’ve worked with acrylic for decades, and have chemical sensitivities, but have never encountered a problem with it.