Acrylic Needles at Hobby Lobby

I’ve noticed that [I]Yarn Bee [/I]now makes acrylic circular needles for Hobby Lobby in sizes 3 & 8 for around $2.95 each. The cable is quite limp and loose, not stiff and unyielding. I was wondering if anyone has tried them and had an opinion to share.

I hadn’t seen them yet. When I go for my class Fri night I’ll have to pick up a set to try:cool:

I have them in szs 4, 10 & 11. I like working with them on a slippery yarn the most. I did break one of the sz 4 tips on a very tight stitch where I was pulling for all I was worth (a bubble type stitch with cotton yarn (no stretch)). But I’d buy them again. (((HUGS)))Verna

I thought the same thing when I saw them yesterday, surprisingly flexible cord and a pretty smooth join (barely a bump)…but, I couldn’t tell what length the cord was. They all looked like 24", but it didn’t say on the package…or did I miss it?:??