Ack! Must resist temptation

I just found this beautiful jacket kit! I wish it was just the pattern without the yarn included. I’m trying to not buy it this very instant. :drooling: Help me!

thats cute… you can’t find the pattern here in the US?

OMG, that’s gorgeous! Apparently, you can’t buy a pattern without a kit. She doesn’t have any books out. Seems to me that she’s cutting herself out of a larger market. And unfortunately, $125 looks like a “reasonable” price. (Given what others are charging for her kits.) There’s a post on Knitter’s Review about a store in Copenhagen that has the best prices, but the website is in Danish and I can’t decipher more than a couple words. The shop owner apparently speaks English, though, so she could be contacted by email.

Ooh, I found this site which is not a bad price. I’m rationalizing it that a nice wool coat would be at least $100. But does one need a wool coat in Houston? No. :frowning: Ok…take a deep breath. I’ll hold out for a bit, at least.

Ah–but didn’t it snow in Galveston last Christmas? That’s not too far away. Are you prepared?

What about when you visit your “northern” friends? Surely you could use it then! 8)

ok okok… i’l settle this. buy it make it and send it to me!!! there that sounds fair! :wink:

You guys are all so helpful! :lol: I bet it would make a nice Christmas present for myself. I’m sure that if I bought it now I wouldn’t be able to finish it before this winter anyway!

My stars, I LOVE this coat! Mer it would be SOOOO pretty on you. One of those jewel tones would be great. I can’t buy one, the large isn’t big enough. I’d like to live vicariously through you, though. :lol:

Welcome to the Land of Enablers! Brought to you by

You don’t want it? We’ll talk you into it! :rollseyes:

Aww, thanks! :blush: Some of her other designs look less form fitting, but she doesn’t have a wide variety of sizes, unfortunately. Here’s the whole collection:

I have to say I love the mermaid design best though!

So do you think the jewel tones would work? I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to wear it with enough and I should get a gray or black. But I’m always too practical. :doh:

Yeah, thanks! :rollseyes: I still haven’t caved in and bought it yet though!

If you will make one, Ingrid, I would drive over to visit it–um, er, I mean–you!


You only want me for my woolies! :rofling:

Sara does a spit-take all over her laptop

HAHAHAHA! OMG, too funny. (Seriously, can I run my fingers through your strands?)

Nobody touches the stash! :mad:

Ok, ladies. :rollseyes:

I emailed a kinda-local yarn shop because I saw on their website that they had kits in stock. They’re $250! I wonder why that Cucumberpatch site is so cheap? I would almost feel guilty about buying it for so much less (well, almost). :shifty:

It’s probably less because it’s on ebay. No overhead like the LYS. So at least you know you’re getting a good deal!

Hey, ladies! Look! She’s cracking! :happydance:

Am not! :—


You really MUST NEED it if you’re still thinking about it! What if it gets sold out from under you before you get a chance to buy it???

You could spend the entire rest of your life regretting that you spent so much time in justifying!

:devil: [size=2]Did that help??? :)[/size]