Ack! I ran out of yarn!


I calculated a substitution incorrectly, and now have a 3/4-finished Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The store I bought the yarn from has none left, and I’ve been unable to find it anywhere else. I emailed the distributor in a panic, but want to cover as much ground as I can. Any thoughts on how to find this?

Elsebeth Lavold
Classic AL
Color 016 (Scarlet/Faming Red)
Dye Lot 6523

Help!? Otherwise, this will be me:

Boo hoo!

Are you on ravelry? You can search by yarn name to see if anyone has it in their stash… someone may have it on their destash page. If no one has it on their destash page you can PM them and ask if they’d like to sell it. I just went through the same thing and managed to score 2 skeins of the discontinued yarn that I needed.


I’m not on ravelry yet - been on the waiting list for awhile…

WEBS to the rescue! Thank you, thank you!!