Ack! I missed an increase. What should I do?

I’m knitting this shawl for my SIL for Christmas, she has breast cancer.

The directions say to do an increase in the 2nd stitch of the row, and the 2nd to last stitch of the row.

I’m about 60% through it, and I forgot to do an increase in the 2nd stitch!!! I’m almost done with the row. This row has more than 100 stitches on it, no way am I going back! With these huge stitches I would surely lose my place.

What is the best thing to do ? Should I go ahead and do the increase in the next to last stitch on this row? If so, should I do two increases at the beginning of the next row?

What will be the most uniform looking?

TIA!!! Sigh… Christmas flurry of knitting.

I think I’d probably do nothing until the next row…do your regular inc at the end of the row you’re on, go to the next row, inc in the end and then do the missing increase somewehre in the middle of that row. I think that will hide it better.

Looking at the pattern, since it’s so basic, I would do one of two things:

  1. Completely ignore the mistake, and bind off when the shawl reaches 129 stitches.
  2. At the end of the next row {where the missing increase for the current row would be, I would kfb in the 3rd last and 2nd last stitches. Doing two increases that row to keep the number of stitches correct.