Accidentally unraveled bound-off stitches

Hi everyone, I was finishing a piece I’ve been working on for weeks and thought I remembered how to properly pull the yarn tail through the last bound-off stitch to secure the piece, but apparently not, because when I tugged a bunch of stitches came unraveled! Now I’m freaking out because I can find videos on how to intentionally undo binding off, but can’t figure out how to translate them into fixing what I’ve done. I’d greatly appreciate any help. Attached is a picture of the problem.

It looks like you have all the sts back on your needle. Check that you haven’t missed any be looking on both side of the knitting. Usually a missed stitch will pop out on one side or the other.
The stitch on the right on your needle ( right in the photo) nearest the bound off sts should be the last stitch worked. Slip the sts back onto the left needle so that that stitch is at the needle tip. Now slip it to the right needle and you should be set up to bind off as usual.
When you get to the last stitch, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and pull that last loop on the needle through until the end of the yarn comes through. That’ll be a secure bind off and finish.

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Thank you SOOO much, that did it! That was a way simpler fix than I thought it would be, now I feel a little silly… I’m so happy that it’s salvaged now!

It’s a good question and now you know. Good luck with the project!