Accidental purling in the round, is it possible to change back to knit?

Hi! My first time posting although I’ve used the videos often and have the knitting help iphone app.

I would say I am an beginning intermediate knitter, and am slowly working on my first adult sweater for my husband. It’s knit in the round from the neck down.

I came to knitting the sleeves (which I had divided for and cast off as I worked my way down the body of the sweater) and following the pattern picked up the stitches to knit down the sleeve. When I started knitting, I noticed right away that instead of stockingette I was getting garter. So I purled-and now I am purling the entire sleeve and it’s driving me insane!!

Is there anyway to fix this problem? Even if it means frogging the last 30 rows or so, this purling is driving me crazy.

You get garter in the round by alternating a knit round with a purl round. What probably happened is that when you picked up sts you had the armhole opening toward you and the working needle tips away from you and picked up inside out. If doing a hat or socks, you can just flip the knitting through the needles and the knits will be on the RS. But since the sleeves are joined to the body you can’t do that. So you need to rip it out and pick up on the closer side of the circle and the knits will be on the RS.

Thank you so much for quick response! If only I had posted here 30 rows ago-at least I got some purl practice in right?