Absolute disaster in Stockinette stitch with several dropped rows - please help!

Hi team,

I’m having a mare with my stockinette stitch. Currently on a purl row and it all got messed up and then my attempts to fix it have only made it worse. I’ve dropped several rows but even on the knit side I’m not sure where the loop is to bring my ladder back up…
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There isn’t a dropped stitch at the ladders. There are two columns of knit sts on either side of them.

You can continue knitting and the extra yarn will redistribute itself into to adjoining sts. You can give the knitting a tug width and lengthwise to help this along. You may need to use the tip of a tapestry needle or another knitting needle to encourage this along by tugging a bit on the adjoining sts.

The stitch in the column to the right is mounted incorrectly on the right hand needle looking at the knit side. You can change it like this:



As salmonmac has already said, the extra yarn can be distributed along the row, shared out between the rest of the stitches until it all looks even.

Here’s a video of how to use a needle to do this and in which direction to pull the yarn so it goes in the shape of the formed stitches. In the video it is one row which is uneven where as you have a vertical line. The vertical line will need a little pulling on each row where it occurs but you probably don’t have to work the loose yarn the whole way across the row.
The times I’ve done this I have distributed all my yarn and made each stitch an even size and not had any spare yarn left by the end of the row (I think this will be the case for you too) but on the video you see if you get to the end of a row you can probably leave a spare loop there and hide it in the seam or secure it with a thread or if it was super long weave it in.

I use this often especially around cable or motifs where I prefer things a little tighter than my needles knit it to get a cleaner motif.


Thank you so much Salmonmac and Creations! Feeling very relieved (if a little silly!) Very pleased to have found this community as a resource. Will definitely be using the videos.
Thank you both for your help!!

We love questions from new and experienced knitters. Don’t hesitate to ask anytime. We’re all happy to help out.

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