Abreviation: ssk/p2tog.-b

Abreviation found in the explanation of a charted symbol for Three Sisters Scarves No. 1 (Monika Steinbauer)How should I read this abreviation? I am unsure of the meaning. If I [B]ssk[/B] and then [B]purl 2 tog.[/B] [B]through backloop[/B] (which is how I read the abreviation do I purl the stitch resulting from [B]ssk[/B] with the next one of the row through backloop or should I understand this abreviation differently?

You see how the white box is k1/p1? You don’t knit it and purl it both, you do them on different rows, RS or WS. The ssk is done on the knit row and when the st falls on the purl row, you p2togtbl. I don’t know why she put the dec in for the RS/WS rows though as you don’t do it on the WS at all. Maybe she used a charting program to generate the chart and just copied the key from it.

Many thanks Suzeeq! I am a true beginner as to lace knitting and appreciate your help. It makes more sense to me this way and I will try. The scarf is a free pattern on Ravelry but there are no written notes to clarify the symbol translation. I hope you are spending a nice week-end. :wink: