?? about worsted weight yarn

Hopefully, someone on here can help me with this!! How many strands of a worsted weight yarn (like Red Heart Super Saver) together would be equal to a #6 yarn (like Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick).

Any ideas/thoughts?? Also is there any kind of chart that says how many strands of one weight equals the next thicker one???


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I do not know these yarns but in general it is a quite easy problem as long as both are of same kind of fiber (for example both 100% wool).

Most yarn balls do have their weight written on the label (and if they do not you could use a scale), for example 50g. Then you usually also find, either on the label, or online how long it is. For the Aran yarn I am working with currently it is something like 50g and 75m. This means it is 0.67g/m. If I take another yarn I could calculate the same for it and then I would see how many times I would need to add strands of that yarn to get the same g/m.

There are a few recommendations on doubling yarn but ultimately it’s best to try out a swatch and see if you come close to the desired gauge. Worsted weight covers a range of gauges which will then affect the doubled gauge. It’s worth a try.

Because not all yarns are created equal and people all knit differently I suggest doing a swatch to see what works for you.