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Can someone help me out to clarify where the pattern (links below) says:

'‘Work Snowbank Chart, repeating pattern 10 times across each row.’'
Would I repeat 10 times row 1, then 10 times row 2 etc. from the chart or
I would knit rows 1-8 10 times from the chart

Then the pattern says:

Work rows 1-8 7 times, then work rows 1-4 once more.
I would again knit rows 1-8 seven times.

FYI: I am knitting with straight needles.

Also, if it is not indicated which is RS or WS should I assume that R1 is RS, 2 WS?

I have tried to contact the email included in pattern to no avail.

Thank you

Link to pattern



Trying to find a pattern for a scarf or stole that I found on a yarn wrapper called spots and polka dots it is arrow of bobbles then several rows of stockinet then a row of eyelets my mom bought the yarn to make it , I started it then frogged it then lost the pattern and now mom wants it


I have this in a pattern
*yfwd.K3.Sl1K.K2tog.psso.K3.yfwd.K1.Rep from *
I just don’t get the very first part. yfwd.K3
Does that just mean I knit each stitch with the yfwd? Never seen a pattern with all the periods…Thx
I knit for a Linus group and want to try a new baby blanket pattern. Tired of ones I have used!