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Hi it has been a while since I was here. I am venturing out on trying to knit a Shawl. It is from Cascade Yarns. Ultra Pima Rose Trellis Shawl Vest. I have some questions on this pattern is someone could help me please. I purchased this pattern. Thank you. Y’all are fantastic!!!


I am knitting ( or trying to) hair loops for a clown. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to put the instructions into action☹️. It says put 2fingers of left hand at back of left hand needle, wind yarn anti-clockwise round right hand needle and fingers 4 times, then round right hand needle once, draw through the 5 loops. Please help!!!


Increase on 5th row then every following 12th row. Does this mean I increase on 5th row then 12th row or 17th row


Can someone please explain what to do when the pattern tells you to cast on 5 its at beg of first row and fill 10 alt rows and 65 its at beg of foll alt row. Are both sides cast on? or is how do I add the other 65?


Making cardigan169sts to last 13 stitches, (p5,yon,p3tog).pattern does seem to wor ou. Zig zag bottom.
First time member


Knitting ziigzag cardigan 1st row on 169sts (p2)(k1yfwd, yrn,p5 p3together).*p5 yon,k1(yfwdyrn, p5 p3 tog) to last 13st (p5yon,k1(yfwd , yrn p5 p2tog).


hi I’m knitting a sweater and can someone explain to me what “taking inc sts into reverse stocking st” means thank you


Welcome to KH!
Reverse stockinette is purl on the RS, knit on the WS. Knit or purl the row depending on which side the increase is on.
What is the name of the pattern you’re working.


hi its a cardigan in on the back cover of a Patons aran knits for the family booklet It was published in 2003 and the number on the outside of the book is 713 and the page i’m on is 42 Also when increasing at each end of the row, what method of increase do you suggest I do Thanks in advance


It’s really a matter of personal preference but I like the knit right loop or knit left loop. A knit front and back or purl front and back would work or the make 1 that picks up the strand between sts.