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This is for Cat and Magdelana (you both helped me so much and another lady too but can’t rememver her name Im afraid) and anyone who helped me with the King Cole Pattern.

Well there is good news round the corner, I have finished the swearer and torn up the pattern. I NEVER EVER want to see a King Cole Pattern again

To add insult to injury I picked up one or two funny instructions along the way but the one right at the end really bugged me. They were suggesting that you don’t knit up the last sleeve but to "add the cast on stitches from the front, and then the other sleeve etc. etc. you know how it works. But then before that it was the “left hand sleeve” well it you are looking at a sweater is it left hand on the right or wrong side. And then after you picked up the stitches you went along doing the neck. But… why didn’t they say use a round needle and pick up the stitches, it was so much easier. I HATE KING COLE PATTERNS.
I have knitted the sweater, it is so heavy, so I might knit a similar pattern and see if my daughter likes it - I think its because it is longer than an orderinary sweather, but Im not unpicking it again. So any suggestions for an easy long sleeve chunky knit sweater !!!


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