About DISHIE cotton

Happy to say…this cotton (DISHIE from Knitpicks.com) doesn’t seem to fade! These dishcloths have come out of the washer/dryer numerous times, and they look like new!

Plus, one plain red DISHIE has also passed the test!

I LOVE THESE…can you share the pattern???

Yes, it’s a free pattern. Link below:


Pattern says cast on 45st. I only cast on 39st, which is one repeat narrower. (45st wide is too big for my taste.)…then I just knit til the dishcloth looks square to me.

I cant wait to start this. I just need to practice switching colors, I have never done that before Thanks so much for the pattern!

I just carry the resting yarn up the side. No cutting til the very last row.
(carry the yarn snugly)

Hello again, okay, what is the best way to change colors on this pattern? This is pretty intricate, well for me anyway, lol. Please let me know how you do it. Thank you!!

[quote=deann;1351509]Hello again, okay, [B]what is the best way to change colors on this pattern?[/B] Please let me know how you do it.[/QUOTE

As an example…if your Dishie ballband dishcloth is going to be PRIMARILY white with green accent…here’s what you do:

Cast on 39st with green. Knit 1 row, purl the next row. (these are Rows 1 & 2 of the repeat)

Now it’s time to literally attach the white yarn: simply tie it to the green yarn dangling there (the green yarn hanging there is called ‘the working yarn’ and is coming out of the green skein).

To begin Row 3 (the Right Side is facing you), simply begin knitting with the white yarn. Do not cut the green yarn. Just let her dangle there along the right edge until you need her again for Rows 7 & 8.

When you need green for Row 7, just drop the white, pick up green and knit with her (don’t cut the white, just let her dangle until you need her again for Rows 9-12. )

True, when you last used green it was left at the end of Row 2, and here we are at Row 7…but no matter, just pull her up the side and start using her. Make sure to snug her up good… and be sure to snug her and the white together like BFF’s for that first stitch.

Be careful to keep the right side edge (where the yarns are being carried up and along) as tidy as possible.

My first Dishie ballband dishcloth had a bit of a messy right side edge, so I crocheted a sc border on both the right & left side edges. I didn’t like that look very much, so on my next Dishie ballband dishcloth I was more careful about snuggling my green and white yarn together at the switcheroo rows 3 & 7.

You don’t cut white free until you’re entirely done with her on your last Row 12. Then continue with green for the final 2 rows of the dishcloth, which ends with repeating just Rows 1 & 2 with green.

Then bind off with green, and cut her loose from the skein and weave in the tail.

Thanks for the update on how these have held up. I saw in Knitpicks Dishie is on sale and some colors on on clearance. Time to get some!


Oh my gosh!!! You are awesome! I cannot believe you took the time to type this all down for me. Thank you so very much!!! You made my day. :yay:

I just sat down to knit this dishie. And so read your simplified instructions. That makes it so much more understandable for me. I do thank you. There are 3 things:

  1. It seems my right side corner is always in a cornor not a straight nice edge like the left side. So I am glad you mentioned it, I thought that’s just how it had to be :–)))

  2. That is awesome I can leave the yarn dangling.

  3. I love the way you call the yarn HER !!! Bout time we women get some recognition other than names of cars!!!


Hello, I have my yarn and ready to go!!! In your notes above you say cast on 39, your pattern says 45. Is that just because your directions above were an example??
Do I need to add 2 stitches on the ends (k1,p2) for the edge??

Thank you again.


IMHO, casting on 45 st makes a TOO HUGE dishcloth. More yarn, more work,
for what??? A dishcloth that’s overly large! eeks!

Casting on 39st keeps the pattern ‘true’. It’s exactly one ‘brick’ narrower. Perfect.

No need for ANY edge stitches. That’ll just mess up the continuity of the design, and you’ll be back at square one: an unnecessarily large dishcloth.

Save time and money…cast on 39st, work the pattern repeats up until you think it’s just about square. Remember to allow for those last 3 rows of contrast color when deciding to call it quits.


I agree. I always cast on in the 30’s somewhere depending on the pattern.


In my case, my family uses most of my stuff for a table scarf or something. they say it is too pretty to wash dishes, Personally I have complained a long time about wash cloths being too small, I love love the big ones. Oh I dont mean a dishie like this one. This on looks like a dish cloth. I will probably knit a bigger one to match and make it into a dish drying towel. Thanks for all the input!!

I’m thinking about casting on 21 using off-white and lt. pink to make a baby.washcloth.

Do you think this pattern is too kitchen-y?

For this size…the first working row would be:

K4, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K 4

The first working row of the offset part would be:

K1, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K1


I certainly do not think they look too kitchen-y. I think it is all about the yarn colors, and you are using soft colors. That would be just darling. I always use patterns for different things. I learning how to adapt a pattern into what I want to make. I knited one towel cloth for a table runner because it had a pretty lacy design. I just made it longer.

I think a baby washcloth is perfect!!!

I do think it’s a little kitcheny, but as long as its soft and baby colors it will be pretty!