? about designing and using stitch patterns

I have been trying my hand at designing, socks only at this point, but I have a question. I am so nervous about ‘stealing’ ideas from other places and I want to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. For instance, I have The Knitter’s Bible, which has over 100 stitch patterns shown. They are not shown in actual patterns, per se (well, some of them are but for sake of this argument, they are just stitch pattern swatches being shown). So if I take a stitch pattern from there, and adapt it into my own design, is that still considered an original design even though I didn’t chart out the stitch pattern myself from scratch?? I would hate to have someone look at something I designed and say “hey, that’s MY design!!” Do you know what I mean???

There are so, so many places where different stitch patterns are described and used, I can’t possibly imagine that any one would be considered unique to the person who published it. There are books and books of them–no one person can lay claim to them. In my opinion, anyway.

I think you’ll find these are actually “standard” stitch patterns as such, but they have been compiled by the ‘author’, not so much created.