? about cast on and bind off

[color=darkblue]When I did the dishcloth I noticed that my cast on end looks so different from my bind off end. What kind of cast on do you do to have it look the same???
I think I was taught knit cast,

I don’t think there is a cast-on and bind off that match completely. I think they’re such different processes that they can’t match exactly.

Unless–you do a provisional cast on at the beginning and then pick up those live stitches and cast them off. This way both ends have cast off borders.

I will have to see what a provisional cast on is.
Thanks for your help…“again”.

Amy has a video for one kind, at least. I like to just crochet a long chain with some extra, different colored yarn–longer than the amount of cast on stitches I need by a few–and pick up stitches with my main yarn in the back loop of the chain. If it gets crowded, you can skip a link in the chain if you want, and if you don’t knit into the correct loop it really doesn’t matter either because you can snip it out.

Another way is to cast on as normal with some contrasing waste yarn and knit a row or two before switching to your main color. When you’re ready to bind off that end, you can pick up one loop of each stitch with a needle on the first row where the two colors meet. (see ‘finding a destination row’) Cut off the cast on and rip out the extra yarn and you’ve got live stitches on your needle.

[color=darkblue]I think I’m getting the second paragraph. :slight_smile: Thanks. I will copy and paste this to save it.

I like to crochet the provisional CO right onto my knitting needle…you chain a few (4-5 is quite sufficient), then wrap the yarn around the back of the knitting needle each time you chain for the required number of CO sts (you are chaining AROUND the knitting needle), then chain a few more at the end. Then you just knit into those sts.

:happydance: What a great idea! I’ll have to try that next time! :thumbsup: