I did a search and found this used a lot but could not find the meaning: WOTA. What is WOTA? Also, for those of us who are newbies to this forum (and knitting in general) is there a list of forum abbreviations (not knitting abbreviations - I’ve seen that list and than Amy for it!) so that we don’t have to keep asking?

it’s a yarn at called Wool of the Andes.
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Thank you, tigger!

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Yeah I’ve been looking at WOTA… a nice cheap wool… At least it seems cheap to me… :slight_smile:

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Its VERY inexpensive and it felts WONDERFULLY. Several of us are using it for the FT Clog pattern. I wouldnt use it for anything other than felting, though…its not very soft.

So much to learn! How will I remember it all?!?!

I’ve been buying my yarn at the LYS but mostly at JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s. Just looked at Knit Picks today. Wow!!! What a difference in prices! I’m amazed.