Abbreviations in a pattern

I am knitting a scarf I bought the pattern in Canada last year. It is called Broken Wings. I have got to the 2nd section and the 1st row reads "K1 pm, K2 etc. Can anyone tell me what pm means. It does not mention it in the abbreviations list. The second row says "P to m, sm does not show in abbreiations what m on its own or sm means. I am stuck can anyone assist please.

I am in the UK the designer of the pattern is in Argentina and I have mailed her some days ago with no reply.

Thank you

K1, pm (place a marker), K2.
Purl to m (marker), sm (slip marker)

Thank you, I will have a try at this and see how I go. Strange that these abbreviations weren’t on the pattern list. On the first row it actually says K1 m it is the following row that says that says K1 pm so it is the single m which I am puzzled about.


You might want to search for knitting abbreviations and create your own
reference document.

I have a folder full of tutorials, tips, stitches, pattern notes etc., for
easy reference.

I hope you complete your project, glad I was able to help.

Linda (flknit5)

Linda, it does not actually say pm it says K1 m that is why I was puzzled. I have plenty of books and knitting instructions but they are all British patterns. I have never come across this term before and I have been knitting 50 years or more!!! Our patterns are much more explicit even giving you the number of stitches at the end of each row.