Abbreviation RT

Will anyone tell me what the abbreviation RT means?

ex: Row 3 *P2, RT; rep from * , end p2.

It’s for the baby cable rib.

Its Right Twist.

One way is to:

Knit two stitches together but don’t slide them off the needle.

Then knit the one closest to the tip again and slide them both off.

The other is to:

Knit the second stitch from the tip of the needle, then knit the one closest to the tip and slide them both off at once.

Thank you. I’m practicing. I ended up with an extra stitch and it looked like one of those mistakes where there is two stitches on one stitch. I will keep practicing. Thank you so much. It wasn’t in the back of the book of Knitting On The Edge. Weird.

RT means Right Twist
Skip 1 stitch and knit the 2nd stitch, then purl the skipped stitch, then slip both stitches from needle together.