Abbreviation explanation

I am currently knitting a Golliwog pattern. I have struck a snag tho.

In one of the lines its tells me “Pg,P2tog”

Now I know what P2tog is… but what the heck is Pg??? :thinking:

Any help would surely be appreciated, I cannot find an explanation for it anywhere.

You got me very curious on this one. I just looked at several sites that list knitting abbreviations and nada. Could it be a 9 that looks funny? If you do find out what it means, please let us know. :thinking:

:smiley: glad to see I’m not the only one going nuts over this LOL

Now you could be right with the 9 Ingrid… not that the g looks remotely like a funny 9 but… on reading the instructions… oh heck lemme type out what it says :doh:

Shape instep - 1st row: K26, sl 1, K1,psso, turn
2nd row: Pg, P2 tog, turn
3rd row: K9, sl 1, K1, psso, turn.
Rep 2nd and 3rd rows 4 times, then 2nd row once.
Next row: Knit to end… 32sts

Does that make it any clearer?

My money’s on 9. I have some yarn on a circ needle to try some st that people ask about. I can explain it better if I do it. This pattern knits 9 and decreases at the end, purl 9 decrease at end, k9 dec at end, p9 dec at end. I don’t know what this instep is supposed to look like, but when you work the st like that it seems to be even on both sides and is definitely some kind of shaping.

Yeah, its 9. I just messed around with it again and you’re basically working the center 9 st in st st and when you dec at the end you’re taking one st from the st on the sides of the 9. If you do it, you’ll see.

If you do it and it’s wrong, just send it to me and I’ll frog it for you. :wink:

I’m curious too. Google didn’t seem to help. I’d say it’s probably a 9.

I’m with you… as soon as you said 9 it made sense to me especially seeing the following row was K9 :wink: now… where in heck did you come up with no.9 from a g??? :thumbsup: bit hard to see what it’s supposed to look like by the pic (put it here so you can see) but anything is better than nothing I say you may also be able to make out the instructions. On further reading they are vague in a lot of areas but we’ll manage I’m sure. If not… there’s always friends here isn’t there :happydance:

Will be giving a go for sure now… to heck with housework… gotta try it…

PS Notice the instructions are for non-racist dolls i.e. Black or White LOL

OHHHHHH heck… look at the size of that pic :blush: didn’t realise it would turn out so big…

My apologies folks…

Wouldn’t have been able to see the Pg without that size. I wonder if the people who publish that book have an errata page. If not, maybe if they have an e-mail address you should let them know. I’m glad we figured it out.
I get obsessive about these things. Now, :zzz: zzzz (its almost midnight)

:cheering: IT WORKED!!!

funny how typo’s can cause sooooooo much grief isn’t it :wink:

Thank you Ingrid…

I’m soo glad it worked out for you. Now can I say that I find that doll a little scary? :shock: :wink: :smiley:

he/it actually looks better in Black :wink:

am thinking that I will make the mouth different tho… thats the scary bit I reckon :rofling:

Yeah, I think that’s it/ :shock:

“You sure do got a purdy mouth”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: