Aaaaa! my options broke!

OK, deep breaths. I’m knitting along on my SIL’s Christmas afghan when the cable of my Options just comes out of the needle. :!!!: :waah: I’ve heard of this but it’s never happened to me. I was able to get the stitches back on the needle but I’m going to have to tink like 2 rows. Someone please tell me this can be fixed. :pray: Will super glue do it? :help:

Call Knitpicks to have the cable replaced. Meanwhile, I used Gorilla glue and it worked well.

This happened to me just yesterday with the 40" cable. I just called and they are sending me a new one. I was thankful that they send cables in sets of two! :slight_smile:

Gorilla Glue is some pretty strong stuff.

EEEEEK, one of the things I hate about my Denise needles is hat the cable pops off. I’ve been contemplating Options but not if it happens to them too!!!

This is the first cable I’ve had pop out in about the dozen or so different cable sizes (I have two of each size) that I have and it did it when I was moving stitches down during casting on. So I wasn’t endangering any of my work :slight_smile: They were very quick to replace it and didn’t ask to have it sent back. They just asked where it broke (came out of the metal casing). I :heart: my Options and will still continue to get different parts despite this one incident. I think all manufacturing has a risk of problems, but you will see that the few people who have had problems are small in comparison to the many who haven’t. I usually check all my things before I use them. Make sure that new needles can screw on to the cords and that the cords can screw into the needles and that they are snuggly connected. I forgot to do that this time.

I think that is the nature of the beast when it comes to interchangeables. I had one of my harmony needles come apart but I glued it and Knitpicks sent me a replacement set.

I know it happens but I don’t think it happens often. In my opinion, the benefits of the Options set (whether the metal tips or the Harmonies) definately outweigh the risk of having a needle pop out a time or two.

I have a Denise set and a set of Harmonies and have to say that since I got my Harmonies, I haven’t given my Denise set a second look.

Don’t let that stop you. First of all KP is wonderful about replacing anything and they send it immediately. Second, considering the number of people that have them and love them …that says a LOT.

I also have Denise Interchangeables and I haven’t used them at all since I got the Options. :wink:

DH keeps asking what I want for Christmas, I’ll TELL HIM OPTIONS!!!

The same thing happened to me last night. Luckily I had the extra cable that came with the set, but I had the hardest time unscrewing the needle from the broken cable. Next time I won’t twist so hard!

I called Knitpicks today and they were very nice about sending a replacement.

That happened to one of my cables, too. Fixed it no problem with krazy glue, but they sent me a replacement set anyway. They are a terrific company.

Crap, I asked for Options needles for Christmas, too.

Oh, no, don’t be concerned. They are awesome needles and you’ll be very happy with them. Just an occasional hiccup here or there. No big deal.

This happened to my options cables, both 24 inch ones. I used a little superglue, good as new. I never had them replace but havn’t had a problem since. It was a very quick fix, the only bummer was it happened in the middle of a row and I never noticed, so my stitches just fell off the needle, oh well. I still love them though.

All interchangeables run the risk of this. Anything that is used that often will endure ungodly wear. But the Options needles are still an amazingly good, reliable tools. I love mine. Denise needles are made of win, too.

But anything that gets that much use, whether screw-set or hinge, is prone to break. Can’t be helped.

Ginny, my Denise set has knit miles and miles and miles, and I’ve never had a problem. However, I know the company will send a replacement.

I wish I could rationalize the need for an Options set as well as the Denise blue set I already have. Anybody out there have any suggestions? :wink:

I already have two sets of interchangeables - Boye and Denise

So, I think I’m going to start collecting FIXED Options. I really like not having to worry about them coming apart.

You neeeeeeed the Options in addition to your Denise needles. nodnod For one thing, it makes it double easy to do 2circs, since you have… TWO CIRCS! Ta-da! Plus, you have to have the appropriate needles for the project, right? Resin for slick yarns, nickel-plated for speed-knitting! ^_^:thumbsup:

…That it is the nature of the beast to have cables come unscrewed on any interchangeable set, but I’ve only experienced them coming out of the actual casings with Options…Twice!! and I’m not one of those knitters that puts a death grip on my needles and yarn when I work.

I realize that I’m one of very few not on the bandwagon and I hope that’s ok, but since I find their tips no better than Boye’s and the real charm to be in their cables, I have to admit that I’m disappointed.

Personally, I can’t and won’t handle the hassle of super glue and repeated calls for replacements no matter how cool customer service is with it!

I have had 3 Options cables break, two while knitting one sweater.

This wasn’t the join unscrewing, the cables actually broke.

I have an e-mail in to Knitpicks bt it looks like I will have to call.