A yarn sale on ebay, update - yarn.com

I was browsing ebay just now and came across THISstore. They are going out of business and sell huge lots of Lion Brand and other yarns. For me the shipping is a killer, but maybe someone will find it helpful. They also sell lots of leaflets and books on different crafts.

I also checked yarn.com (WEBS), 'cause i can’t buy any yarn, so i look. Anyway, they have some great deals on Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and others. I hope i can help someone to fulfill their urge to buy some yarn :slight_smile:

Those are good prices! I think though that shipping to the UK would probably negate the savings I might make…but I think I will just ask the rates, you never know :mrgreen:

SusanAnn, what are you interested in? I am thinking about buying from here. I live in England, but have an American po box, so shipping to me, is just like in the states, but takes two weeks or so. So if you are not thinking of buying the same stuff I am, you can pay me for the stuff you want, I can purchase it and then send it on to you. Let me know if that is something that interest you?

:passedout: WOW!! Some of those large lots are AMAZINGLY cheap!!! I wonder if you should post thos over in the “Charity” section, as folks are always looking for low cost yarn there. I’m not a big fan of red heart or lion brand but some of those listing are a LOT of yarn for almost nothing!!!

The clasic elit looks tempting…


Done! Put it also in Charity:thumbsup: