A weird discovery with my Boye needle set

Geez, it took me like a year to notice this! I got a Boye set on ebay for a great price like, $25.00 or so plus shipping. I’ve used several needles but I never used the 6 before. Yesterday I take it out and measure it to be sure (which I never did with the other needles) and it measures in as a 7.
Then there’s another set of 7s. So I have 2 sevens and no sixes.

Does anybody have a set they could look at? Are your sixes blue or purple?
And are they a true 6? I guess I got taken for a ride. ??? :shrug:

Well, I just ran and checked by Boyes and the 6s and 7s are fine, I think. My 6s are a dark purple. I’ve never noticed, but all the needles, with the exceptions of the 13 and 15 are just a hair smaller than the holes on my needle-checker thingy. The 13 and 15 are the only ones that actually fit perfectly…

One of these days, I’ll break down and get the Knitpicks set.

So, are you going to contact Boye to see about a replacement?

well i wouldn’t say you were taken for a ride since you got them for less than half of retail (and in most cases half of half of retail!) You can always get a replacement set of points at a Hobby Lobby or other store like that and they don’t cost much…2-3 bucks at most i think.

Oh and i had two sets at one time and there was no rhyme or reason to the color scheme. It seemed pretty random. :smiley:

I did learn something about the really small needles the other day though. One of the girls at my Sit n Knit was calling KP constantly about her size 1 needles that she bought saying that they kept sending her the wrong set. finally one of the girls asked her how she was measuring them. She was using the Susan Bates gauge and the 1 doesn’t fit through that hole and is slightly too small for the 2. She had a different gauge thing though that did fit the 1 correctly (not sure which brand that was.) It’s because of the variances in the Euro sizes I guess. :shrug:

Yup…it could be that your gauge hole is a different US6 than the needle…I have US6s that are 4.0 mm, and otherse that are 4.25 mm. :shrug:

Wow that’s interesting, esp about the needle sizer. I just check mine, it’s a Lion Brand. Yeah, I got a lot of needles for not much money, soooo

but HEY! I didn’t know you could get just one replacement set! duh
That’s great news. I’m still trying to stick that purple would be 6 into the hold but it’s definitely a 7.

Do you guys own Denises also? I gotta check out the Knitpicks again. What I’d really love though :happydance: is some rosewood circulars. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It’s my birthday today!!! And I’m getting some Options, but before I do, could you tell me about these rosewood circulars. I’m a sucker for rosewood (well wooden needles fullstop), but was gonna get the Options because everyone says they are sooooo good. But I’m the kinda person that will sulk very badly if I buy them, then discover these rosewood ones were the ones i would have really wanted.

I could look it up myself i guess, but I only get about 5 minutes at the comp at a time before my toddler comes and hijacks me.

Cheers :muah:

I just checked my set against a lion brand needle guage I got at hobby lobby and my 4, 5, 6, 13, and 15 don’t fit the holes on the guage for the corresponding us size. I never realized how much variation there is in the us sizing system vs just using the metric measurement. That’s so much more accurate. I think I might re-label my boye set with their metric measurement so I can be more consistent since I have a habit of switching one project to 2 or 3 sets of needles before its done!

Hey Vic–I don’t know if there is a circular set of rosewood needles that are interchangeable but I do know that the Latern Moon Rosewood circulars are quite popular. My LYS sells Colonial rosewood circs and I almost bought a set when I was in recently b/c they didn’t have the size addis I wanted until I saw that they were $48.00 (yes, for one circular needle)!!! I almost died! The owner kind of laughed at me (nicely) b/c she had told me they were as good as addis but were expensive and I waived her aside and said , “Oh sure, I’ll try them”…"
I doubt I’ve been of much help but I just noticed that no one has responded to your questions…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I just checked the Boye site and my hunch was correct – their US6 is 4.25mm. Which would explain why it won’t fit in the US6 hole on your gauge (which is probably 4.0mm) but in the US7 hole (which is 4.5mm). So even if you buy another set of Boye US6 points, they will be the same size as the ones you have. It doesn’t look like they offer 4.0mm points.


First HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!!! Hope it was a good one.
I didn’t have a particular rosewood brand in mind, I saw some at my lys the other day, I think they were Lantern Moon (which has a very interesting history and is nice to buy from)

No, there isn’t a set of rosewoods, interchangeable I mean. I don’t think. Bamboo yes.
$48! Cristy! wow I don’t think they were that expensive at my place but I’m going to go look again. One or two sets of these would be really nice to work with, like a size 6 and size 8 maybe. I mentioned before I bought a beautiful hand tooled crochet hook this past summer (for $40), it’s such beautiful wood that I have to pick it up each day and use it for a bit. I love working with it!

That is amazing, or surprising I mean, Julie about the Lion Brand measurer measurer? Thanks for that tip coz I was going to try and get another 6 sent to me from Boye. But Boye is American isn’t it?

Btw, at my lys I spent 20 minutes going through 4 or 5 types of circulars over and over and over and I could not find a
size 6 in a 32" length. Frustrating. I guess they were out.
I’m dying to start making this skirt from Vogue magazine and I still can’t start! :wall:

P.S. Here’s the Lantern Moon story if you’re interested:


They are $24 at Webs I just found.

Ohhh, I just found a circular set! Geez, I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet…