A way to make outside edges tighter?

someone told me once a way to make the outside border stitches (like on a scarf) appear tighter, but I’ve since forgotten the tip. I think it had something to do with a slipped stitch but I can’t remember. Can anyone help? Thanks! Ellen

Would it be the slipped stitch edge?

It’s uses 3 stitches on either side;
Right side row: k1, sl1 with yarn in front, k1
Wrong side row: sl1 with yarn in front, k1, sl1 with yarn in front

Becka used it on her Touch of Whimsy scarf, that might have clearer instructions, just look at the first and last 3 stitches on the first few rows and you’ll get the idea.

I knitted this scarf and also a bracelet using this edge and I really liked the effect.