A theory regarding knitting

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Just a thought that had entered my mind. Two questions:

  1. What did you do (wool, craft related) before you began to knit?
  2. To those who can knit with thin needles -can you eat with chopsticks?


I don’t really remember what I did before I began knitting…Kinda like when you become a parent: you wonder what on earth you did with your time before you had kids :teehee:

I know I have always written, whether short stories, or more often, poetry. I dabbled in photography but didn’t get more serious about it until the past couple years. I made jewelry for a short time, mainly beaded bracelets…I know there are other things, I just honestly don’t remember what!

And yes, I can eat with chopsticks, however, that wasn’t something I really picked up on until after I became a knitter :teehee:

Do you want just wool related or any craft related?
I crocheted before I knit.
Any craft related would be too long to list. My profession is goldsmith.

Yes I can eat with chopsticks but I don’t like to knit with thin needles, about #3US is my limit.

Before I started knitting my second job was teaching group exercise. I worked in 2 gyms teaching regular and step aerobics, muscle conditioning and cardi kickboxing. I LOVED it. I was in to my 50’s and really kicking butt.

My mother started developing Alzheimers in 2004 and as her condition worsened I had to be home (I lived downstairs from her)with her more. I had to give up teaching weeknight evenings so I took up crochet, which quickly morphed to knitting.

By early 2006 I had to give up teaching on weekends as she could not ever be left on her own. Cyrus and I moved upstairs to care for her and by then ALL of my activities had stopped: the gym, socializing, even having a peaceful cup of coffee in the mornings.

Knitting saved me. I couldn’t do much as she was a handful! I dropped her of to daycare every morning and picked her up after work. After dinner, if I was lucky and she was calm I could knit a little. But looking forward to those few rows, looking forward to a new yarn delivery gave me such peace and happiness.

Mom’s in an ALF now bt my knitting obsession is still with me:)

I can knit with thin needles but I am lousy with chopsticks!

I dabbled in a bunch of things before knitting, but nothing really wool or yarn related. I sewed, made cards, made bath salts and powders, lots of little crafty things with my kids as they were growing up. I also wrote, but I haven’t done much of that in the last few years. I’ve always wanted to learn ceramics, but haven’t as of yet. Maybe I’ll take a class soon :wink:

Yes, I can eat with chopsticks, but I have been able to for many years before I started to knit. :slight_smile:

Before I began knitting, I sewed. I began sewing in high school. I also dabled a bit in crochet.
As for your second question, I can use the US0 and US1 needles. i can also eat with chop sticks. :mrgreen:

I’m not good with chopsticks, but I can knit with small needles. I prefer them a little larger though.

Many years ago I used to crochet and sew, but I prefer knitting.

Immediately before knitting I was crocheting but before that I wasn’t doing any craft type stuf.

I did build a water rocket launcher (I started a thread about it on the “Off Topic Discussions” forum.

Then I wanted to build a bamboo frame work dome to go over our pool, but my DW wouldn’t let me start that until I had some home repairs finished… Now it is too cold to do those repairs. :shrug:

So now I make hats, scarves, dish clothes and what-not out of yarn. :slight_smile:


P.S. Oh, before children, DW and I would go bowling and I think we once-upon-a-time also saw movies in those building that are made to show movies. I forget what they are called now… :wink:


You guys reminded me of another…lol…I used to sew as well. Well, cross-stitch, really, and some minor quilting. I can’t believe I forgot about that one considering I used to work in a quilt store! :eyes: haha

I did (still do) quilting, cross-stitch and sewing. Yes, I can eat with chopsticks. :slight_smile:

  1. What did you do (wool, craft related) before you began to knit?

Hmm… What did I do!!! Idk… I colored in coloring books… crocheted… watched PBS… And did school work… (I started knitting 7 years ago, when I was still extremely young.

  1. To those who can knit with thin needles -can you eat with chopsticks?

I can knit on thin needles. I am currently knitting on size 0’s for some baby booties. And yes, i do eat with chopsticks. I’ve done that before I even knew what a DPN is though. :teehee:

I crocheted before I knitting, and did some embroidery and limited plastic canvas work. I could use chopsticks; I don’t like using small needles too often because it takes so long to get the project done!

Fix a cup of coffee, relax!

OOPS! I didn’t read that right!

Was a professional seamstress and patternmaker, drawn from my love of sewing for over 30 years!

Tiny needles are not a problem but my DGD and I like to sword fight with chopsticks! :teehee:

Let’s see…once upon a time (before children) I did alot of cross-stitch. Also dabbled in scrapbooking, sewing, and misc. crafty-type stuff, which I still do on occasion with the kids. More recently, my time was spent on logic puzzles and mindless computer games (think HOURS and HOURS spent playing solitaire-type games :shrug: ). At least with knitting I’m now accomplishing something!

I have yet to knit on small needles, but I’ve been known to eat just about anything with chopsticks (used to make a point of using them all the time in high school, when that kind of thing would impress people…:teehee: )

  1. I crocheted before I learned to knit. I also like to draw and when i was a kid, I was obsessed with my Fashion Plates toy (did anyone else who grew up in the 80s have a set?) I loved to make my own paperdolls with their own outfits. I tried to sew a little, but I was never too good at it. I still enjoy sketching and working with colored pencils.

  2. I can knit with thin needles–the smallest I’ve used is size 0s for socks. And I can eat with chopsticks although I definitely had to be taught how. I actually enjoy it now because it forces me to slow down when I’m eating and savor my food more.

cross stitch, got my degree while I raised a family, made jewelry, work full time, Hospice volunteer

:blooby: :happydance: :woohoo:

  1. Wood burning. Not a good thing in a truck LOL

  2. Why yes, I am very good with chopsticks. I own several pairs and never go anywhere without a pair.

Mason-did you customize your chopsticks with woodburning? :teehee:

oh yeah - I did used to draw, but haven’t in a looong time. I like jigsaw puzzles too.

Sooooo - what is this theory?

No, but I do have a couple of pair that I made myself.