A Testimony of Faith & Friendship!

I have a little story to tell about an event that happened to my family over the course of the last 48 hours. It’s toooooooo long to tell here, so please read it on my blog. Hopefully it will re-affirm(sp) your belief in mankind as a whole, and make everyone want to go out and do a good deed. Remember…what goes around, comes around :muah: :hug: :pray:!

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What a wonderful thing to happen to your family! Thanks for sharing!

It is a true wonder when we see the hand of God. I loved it and posted a comment.

A month ago my mother was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis. We didn’t know it then, but it was a huge BLESSING from the Lord!!! Because of that and all the tests they ran (mind you she just had a complete checkup and it was not detected)…they found a small pre-Cancerous tumor in her Pancreas - a nearly impossible Cancer to treat if caught late.

God bless you and your family!

Thanks for sharing that, that’s wonderful. I love moments like that. :hug:

A nice story to end the day with…now I have to go find a tissue!

That is such a heart warming story. Thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

that is so lovely- I tried to leave a comment but for some reason by computer doesn’t like blogger. the browser went nutty. Anyways- thanks for sharing your story.

and thanks also for the great patterns! I’m ready to work on the tote bag after I finish a couple pending projeects. and I picked up and tried a thread crochet project- so much fun! MKZ

I am typing through happy tears.

The way I see it, two fathers got to bless their children.

Your dh got to bless his kids and see their joy.

And then, through this accident, God the Father was able to bless you and your dh, HIS beloved children with His provision.

God is just too good to us sometimes, isn’t He?

We’re youth pastors, so money is always an issue for us as well, and we have had non-believing friends/family make comments about how if He really loved us, He’d provide a better living for us.

I try to remember: He didn’t promise my wants. He promised my needs. And sometimes the things I think I need are really just wants in disguise.

And then, when He gets to surprise me with my wants…well, it ALWAYS means so much to me. God bless…your story touched my heart!


Amen! Our needs are more than we deserve, and He’s provided MUCH more than that!