A sweater for a cat

:teehee: I’ve been kinda in a knitting slump so I decided to do something fast and cute. Why not a cat’s sweater?

Of course Gideon was not happy with my choice…he is a pretty large cat so it took more time than I thought and then when I did finish it tonight he was not happy with it. He wouldn’t even look at me or have anything to do with me.

I used Caron Simply Soft Eco and size 8 needles…along with this pattern.

Pictures: Him trying it on half asleep…not looking at me…finally looking at me but not happy (he is still pouting at me :oo:)

How sweet!!
Your cat(Gideon) is truly blessed to have been enwraped in such a cozy knit sweater:heart:

Great pictures. I love the expression on his face.

Gideon is lucky to have u, he’s cute in his sweater :cheering:

:passedout: Too cute! He doesn’t look too happy about it though. :roflhard:

Oh he’s cute,the sweater’s cute but Gideon does not look happy…maybe he was hoping for a different colour

He is clearly saying “what no stripes?” He is so ticked off! What a mean furmommy. However, the sweater looks great and he will get used to it, eventually!

:rofl: maybe that’s what it was…he wanted green or pink…

although when I took it off of him and tried it on Bella he got mad and did that moan/growl thing cats do :rofl:

Thanks everyone :hug:

The sweater is so cute:inlove: Gideon is one handsome cat, i’m in love:heart:

My cats would totally freak if I did that to any of them. Great picture!

How in the world did you get that on him!? He looks very handsome in his sweater!
I’m trying to picture my fat cat Dobby in a sweater, and I don’t think that’ll ever happen! :teehee:

Great sweater, but that first picture says it all. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

How EVER did you get your kitty to wear it? It is SO cute but all the kitties I’ve had would never have even let me put a sweater on them.



Gideon is a pretty laid back cat with me…so I just put him on my lap and talked to him for a minute and then before he knew it it was on him…He wouldn’t walk in it though…for the rest of Sat. he wouldn’t have anything to do with me but yesterday he was back to cuddling :teehee:

ROTFLOL … The sweater is cute, but the expression on his face is priceless!!! Love it!

Does Gideon get cold? The sweater is a very nice fashion accessory, but it doesn’t look like he is happy about it at all. LOL I hope if he is cold blooded and needs to wear it that he will get used to it and smile again.

LOL too cute