A Sale At Hobby Lobby

I managed to visit a Hobby Lobby today while I had a little time to kill. Wouldn’t you know it? They were having a 50% off sale on knitting needles and I wasn’t carrying much cash on me.

I managed to pick up sets of DPNS in sizes 6 and 8, a 29" circ in size 10, and 4 skeins of Sinfonia sport weight yarn to knit some socks.

If I’d had more cash on me I’m sure I would have bought every size and type of needle they had that I don’t already have. :rofl:

The gal I’ve been teaching to knit stopped by and picked up a bunch of supplies to get her started. She was very excited by the sale!

Glad you were able to pick up a few things. :cheering:

yeah I have found that already having the needles doesn’t really hinder taking absolute full advantage of the HL 50% off sale. For some reason every time I am in there and they have that sale, I find myself buying every single size of DPNs they have. :roll: :doh: Have I mentioned that I almost never use DPNs? :wall:

So yeah I stay out of there unless I absolutely need something during the 50% sale.

Good News Mason~!!
If you check their website or the salespaper reguarly… they usually offer this sale 3-4 year~! :cheering: :cheering:

What - they don’t take credit/debit cards? Or you don’t have one…? :wink:


Wow, you should NEVER let me see that kind of a sale! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I would be out of control and end up finding that i’ve bought every single knitting goodies that are on sale! :oops:

This was the first time that I’ve been in a Hobby Lobby so I had no idea they do this a few times a year. I’ll be keeping tabs on that.

Sue; no, I don’t use credit/debit cards. I don’t even have an actual bank account. Being on the road most of the time I have different financial services. I get paid on my fuel card and draw that money off of it by cashing special checks at truck stops or, in a pinch, from ATMs. I do use a prepaid credit card for internet shopping (safe because if the number is stolen they don’t get much) but I only load money on it when I need to order something online.

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

I will not go to Hobby Lobby…

Hubby still hasnt found the newest stash from the last sale I got to at Michaels
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

It’s pretty cool though, my MIL bought me every size of needles that Michaels had in stock in the Clover bamboo needles… reckon she was trying to encourage me?

Donna~!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Do you mind if I ask… Do you get a Discount on your yarn purchases since you work there??? :?? :?? :??

IS it bad that Ive been knitting for a few months now, and DH somehow put a ban on our outlook so I wouldnt get the email flyer for hobby lobby’s weekly sales?? :!!!:

Its ok though… its ALOT easier and BETTER to shop thru the web for me, LOL!! :roflhard: Plus driving to HL is a PITB @65 mins away!!

I went nuts at HL. I bought needles I don’t ever expect to use. I now have DPNs in every size from 0 thru 9. I can knit socks out of anything from crochet cotton to chunky yarn now.

I also bought a bunch of straights to fill out some of my gaps. I kind of like circs better, but the straights give me a sense of tradition–plus I had some open spaces in my needle case, and that seemed like a terrible waste.

My grand total was still only around $35, so I don’t feel too guilty. Back in my drinking days, I could drop that in one evening with no trouble at all–with nothing to show for it except cotton mouth and a splitting headache.

:rofl: :muah:

Hobby Lobby sale??? Stop…don’t…stop…don’t…stop… :roflhard:

Hubby was so sweet this week he surprised me with a set of Boye’s circulars (sizes 2-15) in a case @ 50% off from Hobby Lobby, and guess where we’re going tonight?!? Woohoo! :cheering: