A really dumb question about what needle size to use

Would someone please help me. I don’t understand what needle size to use for this really cute pattern on Knitty.com, using cotton ease. My question is how do you use circular needle with a 46/48 cast on??? I have Denise Needle. I know how to use circs. but none of them work for this size cast on. I hope you understand my question. I don’t ): :slight_smile: Is the pattern saying use straight needles then circular for sleeves etc. Would appreciate your help once again. I feel really stupid asking this question. Have a good day.

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease [50 % cotton, 50% acrylic; 207 yds per 3.5oz skein] ;
MC: #158 Pineapple; 2 [2,3,3] skeins
CC: #169 Pistachio; 1[1,1,1] skein
Plymouth Encore [75% acrylic 25% wool; 200 yds per 3.5oz skein] ; color: #7357; 2[2, 2, 3] skeins

1 set US #7/4.5mm circular needles
tapestry needle
2 3/4 inch buttons
CO 46[52, 58, 64]sts.
Work in k2p2 rib for 2 inches.
Switch to garter st.
Work stripe patt in this section if desired [see stripe pattern directions above].
Work until piece measures 6[7, 8, 9] inches.

You can find the whole pattern here


if you actually go down and look at the finishing section it shows that you will have to sew up the sides. looks like you are knitting flat and NOT in the round so you shouldn’t have to worry about joining and can use just about any length you want!

I appreciate your quick response. Why is it saying to use circular ? I am still a little confused ?? Thanks

could just be their preferred method. Could also be so that the weight of the sweater is on the cord when you are working and more evenly distributed instead of all on one needle. i use circulars for everything …haven’t ever used straight needles. i would think you could probably use straights unless there was something that i missed in the pattern if you really want to though.