A really big hank?

When I was at the LYS this weekend, dh found a huge…hank(??) of yarn…I’ve never seen one like it…It was not really a hank but I don’t know what else to call it…It was Manos De Urguay (sp?) and it was about as big around as my thigh, 25-30" maybe…and about 2’ in length…

Does anyone know what this large “chunk” of yarn is called–is it just a really big hank or something!!!


LOL… :roflhard:

I should have expected such a response…

At one of my LYSs they have the Manos all bundled together – like 10 hanks are together, and if you ask they’ll separate them. I think maybe that’s the way that Manos sends them? :??

In any case… :inlove:

that’s a thought Julie…my husband thought it looked like a large wig–he was trying to convince me it’d fit my head nicely… :shock:

Come to think of it, I once got what I thought was a huge hank of Shetland wool. I thought the ball was going to be the size of a basketball! When I took off the yarn tied around it, though, it separated into normal sized hanks.

Cristy–you should have agreed to wear it as a wig, just to get it out of the store! :wink:

Was it the bulky weight Manos? The regular ones are larger than other hanks, but the bulky is ginormous!

Ingrid–what a good idea…I can see the headlines now…“Woman jailed for swiping yarn…husband held on related charges…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sara (which, btw–your name, exactly as spelled will be the name of my next child if it’s a girl…) – maybe it was the super bulky…it was a very bulky yarn but I just can’t imagine that equalling only one hank…

I just thought I’d check with the experts…I’ll take a picture of it next time I go.

Here’s a pic of the ones at my LYS:



OMG those do look like some sort of colorful, colonial wigs! Court would have been so much more fun back then if those guys had worn these colors! :roflhard:

yep…that’s what I saw although I swear they might have been even bigger than that! I just wanted to have one to look at!! :slight_smile: I’m sure they are mega-expensive!

:roflhard: I agree :eyebrow: