A question for harry potter scarf knitters

i don’t know if this is the appropriate place for this question, but i’ll give it a try.

i want to knit my sister’s family a set of all four house scarves for christmas, and i am going to need to get a good head start on this project…so, to those of you who have knit these, what yarns have worked out best for you, from what manufacturers, colors, etc…and are you partial to one particular pattern that’s floating out there on the internet? any advice anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated…

if you google for the house scarf pattern there is a site out there that gives the colors to use in various yarns and the pattern for the original house scarf. (I think it is A.typically.knits or something like that) Charmed Knits, the book, has that one and the year 3 house scarf too. While i prefer the look of the second scarf, i imagine that knitting it would be painfully, stick a needle in your eye, boring. at least with the first one you are switching colors more often to keep it interesting.

i bought a whole bunch of plymouth encore to make two gryffindor scarves… and it just sits because i HATE plymouth encore…lol (i am an extreme minority there!)

I’ve knit the “old” and “new” Harry Potter scarves. I used Cascade 220, but I didn’t pay any attention to the color numbers ~ I telephoned Threadbear in Michigan and they had all the yardage and colors for the different houses figured out (this was just before the last Harry Potter movie).

The pattern I used both times was free and from a website called atypical knits (I think). The file was on my last computer and I don’t see it on my external drive. I will post the url for the pattern when I find my file.

It’s good that you are starting now because I found the pattern very, very tedious, but the recipient loved the scarves. (The scarves were too thick for my taste.)


This is my first post. I will be flying across the country and needed to find a comforting (no, we really won"t crash) pattern. I searched the web and found the web site that you and I need. It is http://knit.atypically.net/scarves/hogwarts/pattern.shtml. I can feel myself slipping into a trance as I knit around and around. Thanks. My 3 grandkids will love these.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I can only agree! :lol: Although I’d never have need for an HP scarf in the Sonoran desert, I’m an HP-o-phile and think having one would be great! However, the hours of brain dead knitting would be more than I can handle. Except in times of stress (like now which is why I’m working on a log cabin scrapghan). If I started one now, my 18 month old grand daughter would be a teen before I finished it!:lol:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I finished the wide stripes version last week (used Cascade 220). Yes, it was a bit dull just knitting around and around, but I had a lot of traveling (passenger in car) during the two weeks before I finished and it was perfect for knitting in the car (I get carsick easily so it was something that I could do without even looking at it or concentrating too much so I didn’t get carsick at all).

You can see the finished scarf in my blog (link in signature).

Hello! I agree with the general sentiment that it can get mindless when knitting HP scarves in the round … but it’s that exact reason why I :heart: to knit them :slight_smile: I can knit basically anywhere and not have to worry about following a pattern. I’ve completed a Sorcerer’s Stone scarf and am currently working on a Prisoner of Azkhaban scarf. I’m using Lion Wool-ease in Cranberry and Gold.

Here are a bunch of links to HP patterns on the 'net:

Costume Beginner
Fresh Isle Fibers
Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo Group

My next project is a Dark Mark Illusion scarf, by Storm Moon Knits, then Mrs. Weasley’s Housecoat in Charmed Knits! I’m so excited!! :teehee:

Please let us know how the housecoat turns out! I love that pattern and think it would be a riot to wear as a teacher. Can you imagine?! No one would be able to focus on the lesson as they would only be staring at the sleeves! :roflhard:

i’m finally reading sorcerer’s stone for the first time. i just finished a hufflepuff beanie on tuesday and i did most of the knitting while reading. it just seemed the appropriate thing to do. :teehee: my goal is to finish all the books and a few more projects (at least a hufflepuff beret) before the movie and book come out. think i can do it? :think:

Too funny :wink: It’s just so pretty, I can’t wait to wear it to work :teehee:

YOU CAN DO IT! :woot:

i think it may actually be possible. i’ll read the last 100 pages tonight and then (hopefully) get CoS and PoA from my friend tomorrow after church. if i can get a couple of empty days this coming week i should be able to knock those out no problem. :thumbsup:

I’m knitting this “magical wizard scarf” pattern for my nephew’s birthday. I’m also using Wool-Ease in Cranberry and Gold, rather than the yarn called out for. What’s keeping this interesting for me is the double knitting, which I’ve never done before and the opportunity to practice continental knitting. The pattern doesn’t give a specific length, so I’ve been looking at other sources to determine how long it’s supposed to be.

For me for the most true to the movie colors I used Red Heart Super Saver in Claret and Wool Ease in Gold, and I did it in the new style. The claret is nice and deep. And I used a knitting machine because I am a big cheater, but i got them done in time for the GoF premiere. Now with OotP being in July, I probably wont do a scarf. i just reread all the books. The more I think about, the less I am convinced that Snape is evil.

You can definitely read it in time! :thumbsup:

Oohhh … I can’t wait to see a closeup of your scarf - the pattern looks interesting! :think:

No will know it’s machine knit unless you tell 'em :wink: I’m still not completely on board about Snape … why do you think he isn’t evil?

Because A) Hagrid overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing about something, surely related to Snape being a double agent, and I think they were talking about Snape killing Dumbledore, and Snape didn’t won’t to do it. B) I think that Dumbledore put the body bind curse on Harry so he wouldn’t stop Snape, because Snape didn’t know he was there and C) as he was fleeing the scene, Snape was still teaching Harry Occlumens (“Mouth shut, mind closed boy”). But, I still think he is mean and a big bully. At least he is not potions or DaD arts teacher anymore.

Wow … thanks for your post! I guess I’m just so anti-Snape, I don’t even want to give him a chance! I’ll really have to think this over … I think I’ll have to re-read OotP!