A question about turning your work

Ok, I know there are no stupid questions, but I do feel silly asking this. What does it mean to turn your work? I’ve read it in several patterns now but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Does this mean switching needles (if I’m working flat)? Does this mean physically turning the knitted work? If so, how? Turn around? Turn upsidedown? And working short rows requires this? I’m making this way too complicated, aren’t I? :wall:

yeah you are but we all over think these things when we are trying to work a pattern. basically, you knit knit knit to the end of the row and then you turn your work so you can start knitting again at the beginning of the row. if you have been knitting anything flat you have been turning your work or you couldn’t get off the cast on edge.

and yes, you would do that in the middle of a row for short rows.

It means you take it for a spin on the dance floor. :rofling:

It just means to switch hands. When you get to the end of the row, you switch your needles, right? This turns your work.

Sometimes you turn in the middle of a row. Just switch the needles, the work is turned and you knit on.


And what a wonderful dance partner it would be!

Ok, guys, thanks! smacks self on forehead I should really just stop oberthinking things. Although, with that short row thing: is it really knit knit knit, switch hands, knit knit knit, switch hands again? Is it really that simple? :doh:

Ya… as a novice knitter, and a newbie to socks, I’m pretty new at short rows. When it came time to turn my first heel, I did an “Ingrid” {even though I didn’t know of her yet!}, and trusted the pattern. I still have to concentrate on what I’m doing, but I do exactly what it tells me to do, and I’m fine. I’ll have to admit that it doesn’t feel “natural” to not knit every stitch in a row, but I did it and I survived to tell about it!

lol i have had a few patterns where i looked at it and said “huh? you want me to do WHAT? are you sure? okay here we go…”

and somehow it was okay…it is almost like the mostly know what they are doing! :wink: