A question about sizing circular needles

Hi knitters!
I’m new here, I’m from Ohio and I’m a newbie knitter with a few dish cloths, a couple pairs of slippers and a toboggan under my belt so far…lol
my question is this: I picked up a bunch of unidentified by size circular needles at a yard sale this past summer, I was wondering if there’s a fool-proof way to determine size? thank you so much for your time…

places like JoAnnes and even walmart sell a little needle gauge that you can use to size them. IT will also be a handy tool to check your gauge on a sample swatch for knitting a fitted item. I have 3 of them, 1 for each knitting bag. They kinda look like a ruler with holes in it. Good job on getting needles at a yard sale.

:muah: wow, thanks! i’ll be heading there tomorrow to pick one up…

If you can’t find one, you can also measure the diameter in mm and then convert to the american size equivalent.

also good to know, thank you! :sun: