A pattern with charts

I am starting an afghan that uses charts for instructions, the charts uses symbols, a dot in a square means purl, a blank square means knit. But what I am not understanding is if every row shows purl symbols but the stitch key says purl on RS Knit on WS, Am I suppose to purl on the odd number rows and knit on the even number rows even though the chart shows purl symbols? The pattern is from Annies Attic Catalog of cables, and it is the Rose Aran Afghan.

Any help would be appreciated.


A chart is a diagram of your knitting as seen from the RS. If you’re working on RS rows, purl, if you’re working on WS rows, knit and that will show as a purl on the RS.

the dot in the square doesn’t mean a p st what it means is that you do the opposite of what you have been doing. If you are on the right side (usually the k side) and you see a dot that means do the opposite(p that st). If you are working on the ws (the p side) and come across a dot, you k that st. Hope that helps