A Newbie's Knitting Kit

This might have been covered already, and if so, I appologize…

As knitting gurus what, in your opinions, are the most valuable tools in your knit kit? What are your favorite needles, yarns, brands, tools…

I am on an opinion collecting mission. I am making my own as I go - like I perfer plastic over metal, but haven’t taken the bamboo challenge yet, circular is wonderful when making a bag, but I don’t like it when I am making a blanket, oh, and apparently I can’t count without help - but so far, that’s all I have in my head.

My Kit to date includes:
Size 15 plastic single point
Size 10.5 metal circular
Size 11 Metal Single point
Size 3 double point
2 Yarn needles
3 stitch holders
2 cable hook needles
and a very cheep gague

I tend to gravitate towards the Lion Brand yarns, but have bought several skeins of Red Heart and Caron.


I prefer metal and I do not like bamboo. They’re too slow for me.

It’s a shame you don’t like knitting with circs, because an interchangeable set is really the way to go for economical versatility. I never use straights anymore. (And my body thanks me :D)

You can always go out and buy needles in every size just so you have them, but the best way, IMHO, is just to get the needles as you need them. Hobby Lobby has the best selection and the best prices here in HSV.

Though I’ve had my gripes with them, one of the cheapest and best places to get yarn is online: Knitpicks. The deals are phenomenal, and they have all sorts of yarn types for all your knitting needs. And Elann is also apparently wonderful–I’ve not purchased from them yet, but other KH-ers have, and I trust their praises.

Of course nothing compares to visiting the LYS…touching the yarn is just wonderful!

[color=blueviolet]I agree with Angelia. The best knitting purchase I’ve ever made has been my Denise interchangeable set. I Knitpicks, Knitting-Warehouse.com, Kaleidoscope Yarns, and Joann.com I’m also a Lion Brand girl. I love their yarns. I’m too poor to be a yarn snob. Besides I read in Knit.1 magazine Barney’s sells garments made with Lion Brand yarn. So if it’s good enough for Barney’s, it’s good enough for me. I have to admit though that I really don’t like certain 100% acrylic yarns like Red Heart but I do use them for things like cellphone socks and other stuff like that. Right now my new favorite yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted/Bulky. You can get them at Kaleidoscope Yarns. My favorite tools besides my Denise’s are my Clover Yarn Cutter, ball winder, Addi Turbos, Ott-Lite, Yarntainer, and my knitting software for both my PC and PDA.[/color]

Jessi, I just got an Ott-Lite … I feel like I got new eyes! The difference is amazing!

I agree on the denises :slight_smile: I got mine about 2 months ago and they are fantastic. I don’t use straight needles anymore, cause the interchangables are so flexible and light, they pack in my knitting bag to take along easier.
I also have a good measuring tape, guage ruler, safety pins, stitch markers, paper, pen , hand cream and scissors. As far as yarn, don’t go to much on the cheap side (I did and regret it). I like The red heart tlc, and bought a few skeins of that for my daughter for xmas, its a good and forgiving beginner yarn. I also don’t spend a fortune on yarn either (do to my budget). I did start recovering wool sweaters from second hand shops. Otherwise the most important thing is to have fun. Enjoy the addiction…:slight_smile:

Wow… with so many positive reviews, maybe I just need to give circulars another chance… I’ve only used the one, and the loop is just so big… 29".

Are you supposed to have yarn around the whole loop? Maybe I’m not doing it wrong. I think I’ll give the interchangables a look.

But I’m going to continue my research as well.

Iknow what you mean about that “loop” Dannah. I had the same problem when I started on circs. And everyone’s still right:

Interchangeables are a must have and a godsend because if the loop is to big, you just find a smaller “loop” and replace it. You can make the cords longer and shorter, needles smaller and larger.

All around, I’m glad I got them as early as I did. Circs would have taken longer to get my head around otherwise.

If you are knitting in round (like a hat or circular scarf or booga bag) then yes, the stitches will go all the way around the circulars. If you are just knitting something big (like a sweater, shawl, or afghan) then the circular part just holds the stitches like a long felxible single needle. HOpe that makes sense. Circulars are great for larger projects and the one thing that I like about them is that you don’t have a long needle to hold out (or hit the cat in the head with - she really hates that). My arms don’t get as tired with circulars.

The one thing I like about bamboo is that stitches dont’ slip off as easily. I love the feel of wood and the absence of the “click click click” of metal needles. Can be annoying when you are knitting around other people watching tv or movies. I will agree that metal needles are faster than bamboo, but I just like the wood.

We’ll hook up sometime soon, Dannah, and I’ll show you how to use them if you haven’t figured it out by then! :thumbsup:

That was my Xmas present for myself. Unfortunately I have to send it back to Joann.com. My sister put it together for me and afterwards she say all these little black pieces all over the

That would be Great! I should have my Knitting bag off the needles soon, so we’ll see if I am just being over critical of my first circular project… Any body know if Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick will felt at all? It’s just about all acrylic.

No, only 100% wool (NOT superwash) felts.

(Well, I think it can have a wee percentage of non-wool and still felt, but I’m not sure.)