A newbie's first FO's!

Hi everyone! I am a self-taught newbie and just wanted to post some of my projects because I am so proud of them!!! I’ve been knitting solidly for only about 6 months and just learned to crochet as well.

Absolutely love the sweater. You’re doing great!

Wow, everything looks great! :heart:

You’ve been busy! Keep it up! :thumbsup:

Welcome JamOKnit!!! Your FOs look FABULOUS! Keep up the great work!

You just learned? And did all that already? Oh you are so hooked!! Yippeee!! The world needs more knitters! Welcome Welcome :cheering: :cheering: :XX:

Thanks, everyone! I am so excited and I have about a billion patterns that I want to try…ok, deep breath…one at a time, one at a time…
:wink: :lol:

I just finished reading every single post in that felted clogs thread…oh man, as soon as I have all the skills I need, I am SO making some of those!!! :thumbsup:


Wow! :shock: You’re very talented!

Everything looks great :smiley: WTG :thumbsup:

Everything looks great! Love the sweater!

Wonderful job on everything!

Those are really great. I love the colors and textures of your sweater! :heart:


WOW! These are your first projects? You are good.

jeez! you’re good! great work. i really liked the cat washcloth, stroke of genius. :slight_smile:

those are great!

I hope you’re very proud of yourself- those aren’t easy milestones!

Your crochet looks good, too- rounds can get lopsided very easily. :slight_smile:

Everything is awesome! Can’t believe you’re trying to call yourself a newbie with all that knitting under your belt. :notworthy:

[color=red][size=6]WOW !!! I’m impressed !!![/size][/color]

:cheering: GREAT JOB!

Awwwwww… shucks. Thanks guys!!! :cheering: :inlove:

Gorgeous!!! :inlove: :inlove:

You picked up the needles and hook and never looked back, eh? Fantastic! :thumbsup: