A new seamless knitting technique

Hi everyone here!

I´m lucky finding this forum :wink:

My name is Irina Heemann and I studied fashion and textile design with the specification in knitwear. During my master thesis I worked on a seamless pattern system based on the technique of the short rows.

I try to explain the technique in english:

-all the shapings are made with short rows
-in contrast to contiguous the starting point can be on varios places: hem/button facing, 1/2 hem, front center, neckline, 1/2 neckline and one side of the button facing and so much more

  • the knitting piece grows mostly in rotation around the body and not exclusively in rounds

On my blog I document the “birth” of the book with my seamless technique.( You can easy translate it in english or in another language!)

I´m happy, that this technique was awarded by the “swiss design award” and by the “heinrich blanc award” in germany. It is also protect at the German Patent Office.

I hope you enjoy my blog and it would be great to hear your

Lovely greetings

Sorry :aww: , here the link to the blog:

Hi Irina and welcome to KnittingHelp!
Congratulations on the awards. Your designs look lovely and are very cleverly done.

I really like the tan mohair vest. :slight_smile:

dear all,

here is the first pattern, a vest, you can try to knit;-)

please let me know if you have any problems!