A new baby blanket for daughter's co worker

My daughter asked me to knit another baby blanket for another co worker who is expecting a baby in the new year. She picked a pattern I had never attempted to knit before. It is the Moss Diamond and Lozenge stitch pattern. It has 44 rows in one repeat of the pattern but there are 88 rows to the repeat. You repeat each row one after the other. You knit row 1 twice row 2 twice and so on.
I am using Knit Picks Brava sport weight yarn in the color Alfalfa.

What a nice thing to do. Is it like this pattern, Daylily?

It’s really a beautiful pattern. Have fun knitting it.

I’d love to see a picture when you’re finished…love baby blankets!

Yes it is that pattern. So far I have completed one full repeat of the pattern. it will take me a while to finish it.

I discovered some mistakes i had mad so I ripped it all out and started it over. This is not a simple pattern but I hope I can finish it without having to rip it all out again.

I had almost finished the 4th repeat when I noticed I had a mistake in the border. So I start un knitting row by row and it is row 11 or 12 of the 4th repeat where the mistake is. When I correct it, I will put it aside so I can sew on my daughter’s Elsa costume she will wear to work on Sat Halloween . I will be so glad to get that made so I can concentrate on this blanket with out hearing her complain about me not finishing her costume in time.

The mistake was at the end of Row 12 when I switch from the pattern to the border stitches. I had just continued the pattern across the border stitches after being distracted by someone or one of the dogs wanting some attention.

I know how frustrating that is…but we’ve all been there! It will be worth it in the end!

I am now on the 6th repeat of the pattern and when I finish it, I will measure it and see if it is longer than it is wide. Right now on the needle it is about 29-30 inches wide.

Good going!

I finished the 6th repeat and now I am on to the border with about one inch done . I will finish it tomorrow . Then wash it and block it out and steam it it to set the stitches.