A Nautilus Kippah?

Hi all!

I’m thinking of adapting the Nautilus Hat pattern (which I absolutely love) into a kippah for my mom (she’s getting a Master’s in Jewish Education this year after SEVEN years of graduate school, taking one course per semester while working full time!).

Here is the pattern: http://marniemaclean.com/patterns/Nautilus/index.html

I figure it can work as a kippah because it starts from the top and knits down. I’m thinking that I will use a lighter yarn on size 2 double pointed needles so it won’t be very bulky; a worsted weight yarn kippah would certainly be a little bulky. And then I will just knit it until it is around 6 inches in diameter.

Do you think this can work? My one concern is that it may come out a little flat, and a kippah is supposed to curve to fit the top of one’s head ever so slightly.

Thanks for your advice!

Since it increases as you go down the hat, I think it will take the ‘hat’ shape automatically.

Even when washing regular kippot you have to sort of “reblock” them anyhow. I say go for it.

I went for it and made a quick kippah for a former student of mine yesterday. It came out very good; this pattern is really beautiful. As I feared, it was a little flat. I’m afraid it was a last minute gift so I gave it to her and her parents with blocking instructions (not the best etiquette, but I was in a hurry and they have a good sense of humor). I’ll have to ask them if they blocked it and how it came out.

I wonder if there are any good knitted kippah patterns; the only ones I can find on the net are basic and not much fun. Or if there are a lot of good knitted top down hat patterns that can be adapted for use as kippot.

Thanks for your advice!

If you ever do find (or design!) a good pattern, I’d love to see it - I made one for my father from the only pattern I could find http://www.geocities.com/jbtocker/patterns/basicknitkippah.pdf (note this opens a PDF file) - I made it without the design at the bottom, in cotton yarn - it came out okay (and my father wears it every week), but I’m still hoping to do another one someday - or maybe I should try this one again in a different yarn. I can’t quite say what didn’t work about this, but it seemed a little large and floppy to me… :thinking:

About the previous posting - it’s just been pointed out to me (by the pattern designer!) that I used yarn of the wrong weight for the pattern when I made my father’s yarmulke - which came as a surprise to me, since the LYS sold it to me as DK weight! So my comments on the results need to be revised - I plan to get more yarn and make another one…